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LLLT is one of the best hair restoration therapies. No more surgical or pharmaceutical methods. Sounds cool. Right? Most people often doubt this treatment and question its reliability. So, in this article, we’ll break this treatment hype and put reality in front of you. As you read the article, you’ll uncover various facts that you should know.

What Is LLLT? How Does It Work?

LLLT is one of the modern hair restoration methods that activate hair follicles. It supports hair growth, stops hair fall, increases the volume and length of the hair. Since LLLT is painless and has zero side effects, it’s widely admired by people with severe hair fall.

Also, it’s an USA FDA-approved treatment that can be used for men and women. This is an ideal treatment whether you’re suffering from baldness or hair fall. It treats alopecia, a hereditary hair complication that occurs after menopause or during pregnancy.

Most Often, it’s combined with other hair restoration therapies to produce effective results. In a nutshell, this treatment is the best substitute for medications and other fad treatments.

How Does It Work?

The hair follicles absorb the wavelength produced in the treatment and activate the hair growth process. When the laser light enters the scalp, it even invigorates stem cells that cause hair follicles regeneration and induce hair growth.

Furthermore, this treatment enhances blood circulation, delivers adequate oxygen, and increases ATP production that supports excellent hair growth. Usually, the oxygen supply contributes to longer and thicker hair stopping entire hair fall.

What Can You Expect From LLLT

LLLT is one of the best hair restoration treatments eliminating thin and weak hair follicles. It is evident LLLT helps grow thicker and healthier hair. Whether you want to improve hair volume overall appearance, LLLT is an ideal choice.

Did you know 85% of patients noticed ultimate results of 55% hair growth and completely got rid of hair loss after LLLT? However, it’s not advised for people with bald hair for a longer period. Usually, this treatment is incapable of producing hair in regions without hair follicles.

This is why this treatment is recommended in the early stages of hair fall to recover as much hair growth as possible. If you’re in an advanced hair loss stage, LLLT can be combined with other hair restoration therapies to minimize hair fall. Although it cannot completely help you get robust hair, it prevents or slows down hair loss.

The results can be clearly visible two months after the treatment. This treatment works till you continue it. Once You stop or interrupt the treatment, you experience hair fall, and again your hair returns to its original position after several months.

Devices For LLLT Treatment

Doctors use various devices for LLLT treatment, such as hoods, overhead panels, tabletop devices, handheld devices, and a lot more. However, a few popular products leveraged in the treatment are laser combs, LLLT caps, bonnets, and helmets. If you’d like to go for hair restoration treatment especially, LLLT, it’s a wise option to consult a professional immediately.