Are you a student of medicine? Are you contemplating your specialization options now that you have completed your MBBS? It would be best if you chose a professional path in today’s environment of intense competition that offers the most significant potential for a long and successful career. Consider choosing a career in cosmetology or aesthetic medicine as one of your best possibilities. We provide thorough cosmetology training for doctors at the IICAN. Anyone with the qualifications BDS, BAMS, BHMS, MBBS, and above is qualified for our hands-on certificate course in Cosmetology, Lasers, & Aesthetic Medicine. It is wise for you first to understand what a cosmetology training school entails if you are contemplating enrolling in one.

What is Cosmetology?

The study and application of procedures connected to beauty are known as cosmetology. It covers a wide range of topics, from the skin to hair. Ensure the curriculum includes all the necessary issues before paying for your cosmetology course expenses. The subject’s scope covers aesthetic medicine, anti-aging, facial rejuvenation, and laser therapies for acne. The ideal cosmetology training program would combine theoretical lectures with practical demonstrations. Giving participants the chance to practice on actual patients is essential.

Cosmetology professionals are in high demand since society values one’s appearance. Patients choose a professional with education and experience. Additionally, it’s crucial to be informed about technical developments in your sector.

What are the qualifications?

Anyone employed in the medical industry is eligible to apply for the IICSAM cosmetology training program. BDS, BAMS, BHMS, or MBBS degrees have been designated as the minimum requirements. This practical certificate program was created to enhance and improve the participants’ practical skills.

Work Scope as a Cosmetologist

Your work as a cosmetologist could concentrate on certain issues with beauty. For instance, you could focus on therapies for facial rejuvenation, anti-aging, or acne. Additionally, you can specialize in laser therapy. You can work on your terms and earn good money in the cosmetology industry.


If you’re still looking for the greatest option in cosmetology classes for doctors, IICAN is your best option. Learn from top professionals in the industry while gaining in-depth knowledge of the most recent cosmetic procedures.