What is a BB Glow Pigment Serum?

The founding effect on the skin is produced by the BB Glow pigment ampoules. They have an additional foundation that combines niacinamide and peptide to tackle various skin problems. The fourth step of the BB Glow procedure uses the pigment ampoules. Most BB Glow brands offer four to six different shades that can be blended together to match any skin tone.

The effects of BB Glow on the skin

  • Brightening and whitening
  • Slowing anti-aging process
  • Covering of dark spots, freckles, uneven tones
  • Acne and acne skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Dry and sun-damaged skin
  • Tired and sensitive skin

BB Glow Pigment Serum Application

Serums come in numerous shades. A serum 1 shade lighter is used for the majority of the face, but darker shades can be used to contour the face, and there are even rosy serums that recreate the look of blush. The semi-permanent foundation recreates the look of several complexion makeup products.

 The majority of the face is covered with a serum that is one shade lighter, although darker shades can be used to contour the face, and there are even rosy serums that mimic the appearance of blush. The semi-permanent foundation rejuvenate the appearance of several complexion cosmetic items.

Using the same micro/nano needling tool, drops of the tined serum are applied to the face and injected into the skin. The tech will review the full face numerous times, typically three times during the initial session and four times in further sessions.

After this, the leftovers can then be manually rubbed into the skin for optimal absorption.

Does serum actually help pigmentation?

The serum takes care and enhances the texture of the skin from within. Minerals and amino acids are abundant in the serum. As a result, it cures hyperpigmentation and lightens the skin.


BB glow is a complex treatment that is supposed to improve the face’s texture, quality, and tone. It’s a fusion between the micro-needling/nano-needling facial and semi-permanent makeup, so it targets a number of skin issues and gives an anti-aging effect.

It’s supposed to give the effects of wearing a lightweight foundation or BB cream.

Who Is a Candidate for the BBGlow?

Anyone who is battling with any of the skin problems mentioned above or wishes to enhance their overall skin. There are several contraindications because the procedure involves removing pigmentation and the skin’s surface.

Who Isn’t a Candidate for the BBGlow?

Due to the nature of the application and the pigmented serums used, the BB glow facial isn’t suitable for clients who are:

  • pregnant or nursing
  • undergoing cancer treatment
  • suffering from skin conditions like Psoriasis, Rosacea, active acne, etc.
  • suffering from any infection
  • prone to keloid scarring
  • prone to allergies to cosmetic products
  • taking blood-thinning medications
  • taking Accutane